What is an Intuitive Reading?

No matter who we are in life, we ALL go through times when we have problems, fears, and doubts about situations in life. An Intuitive Reading can help bring clarity, comfort and guidance on any question(s) you have related to career, money, relationships or anything else. My readings should not be viewed as fortune-telling or predicting the future with any known certainty. 

I read energetic vibrations and receive guidance from a divine Higher Source--namely angels, archangels, and spirit guides. I'm tapping into the Akashic Records which is the etheric Book of Life contained in the cosmos. Messages come through in various ways. Often times, I see pictures (clairvoyant). Sometimes I hear words or phrases (clairaudient). Source always seeks to provide information that is in your best and highest good. It is not uncommon to ask a question hoping to get an answer you want, only to be guided down another path. Don't be discouraged. Just be open to what information Source has and be willing to heed their advice. As with any decision in life, of course, YOU ultimately decide which course of action to take.

How I Conduct My Readings

All my readings are conducted via email. You will first submit your question(s) and provide me with your name, email, and birthdate. Why birthdate, you ask? Because, in addition to receiving sage advice from Source, I also glean information from my knowledge of astrology, numerology and biorhythms. Your birth into this world has an encoded blueprint of your life story. Understanding your purpose for being here and knowing your gifts and talents can have a profound effect on the way you move forward in life with greater ease and contentment.

How to Phrase Your Question(s)

Rather than asking a "yes" or "no" question, try to formulate your question so that it is open-ended. For example, instead of asking "Will he marry me?", ask "What can I expect my life to be like if I marry him?". Likewise, my responses will not be a definitive yes or no, but rather I will shed light on what you can expect your life to be like should you go down a certain path. I have the most experience and accuracy answering questions regarding love, career, and money. I generally do not answer questions regarding health or the topic of death, nor do I provide medical advice.

Receive clarity and guidance on any issue related to career, money, relationships. Move forward with confidence with an Intuitive Reading. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Do to Develop My Intuition?

Ask for Inner Guidance
We each possess an intuitive voice that contains answers about our healing. Because our intellect is often so loud, this voice often gets drowned out. It’s essential that we learn to access the stillness within through meditation, quiet contemplation, connecting with nature, and prayer in order to gain answers about our health. Spend a few minutes each day devoted to listening to this inner voice of yours. It may appear as a gut feeling, a hunch, an image, a sound, a memory, or a flash of "just knowing". Learn to trust the signals your inner wisdom sends.

Listen To Your Dreams
Intuition is the language of dreams. Every ninety minutes each night during the REM stage of sleep, we dream. Dreams provide answers about health, relationships, career choices, any new direction. The secret is to remember them. I suggest keeping a dream journal by your bed. Before you go to sleep, ask a dream a question. For instance, “Is this relationship healthy for me or should I move on?” The next morning, write down any dreams immediately before getting out of bed. Try repeating the question, every night for the next week until your answer comes. As you develop the habit of remembering dreams, you’ll be able to benefit from this form of healing.

As a Reiki Master and intuitive, I have a continual sense of awe for the relationship between body and spirit. As your heart opens, so does your intuition. Your intuition will teach you how to see and how to love. It will instill in you a renewed faith to face anything.