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My Story

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I also became acutely aware from an early age that I had certain psychic abilities because I would have--and continue to have to this day--prophetic dreams and visions. Validation of my psychic abilities would later be confirmed in 2006 through formal testing while interviewing for a Sci-Fi TV reality show. I learned that I am clairvoyant (seeing), clairaudient (hearing), and clairsentient (feeling). In the three-month long interviewing and testing period with Sci-Fi TV, I was ultimately chosen as one of eight finalists out of 1,100 people that interviewed and I was awarded a contract to be on a TV reality show about psychics. Further validation came in 2020 when I interviewed and was tested by one very popular worldwide psychic agency to give online readings which I continue to do to this day in my spare time.


Yet despite all my gifts and talents, it would take me nearly half my life to finally awaken to my true calling and be brave enough to step into a new career role beginning in 2007. Previous to that, I spent 23 years as an account executive and broker in the insurance industry. But I was never happy. Oh, don’t get me wrong. The pay was great, but that was the only thing that kept me there for so many agonizing years. My soul longed for and wanted something more fulfilling than just a big paycheck and a prestigious title. I knew I had a greater calling in life, a calling to serve humanity in some shape or form, but I just didn’t know how or in what capacity.


The year was 2002. I became increasingly dissatisfied with my work as an insurance broker. I was overwhelmed and mentally stuck. I would wake up in the morning and dreaded going to work. I prayed. I meditated. I needed a break. So, I decided to take a week off from work and seek solitude in a place I had heard and read about, but had never been to: Sedona, Arizona. There is an energy vortex there that is very magical. I felt very connected to the cosmos. I was at peace.


It was there that I spent quiet days and even quieter nights doing extensive soul searching through prayer and meditation. I received all sorts of visions and answers to my burning questions. I came away from Sedona a new person, a new enlightened being! I now knew my purpose and the mission that lay ahead for me.


Upon returning from my retreat in Sedona, I enrolled in night school to become a Holistic Health Practitioner. I would journey the next four years to achieve my goal of becoming an HHP, all the while continuing to work full-time during the day, raising my kids, and, as well, caring for my aged mother-in-law who had Alzheimer’s disease.


After earning my HHP with certifications in nutrition, herbology, massage, and aromatherapy, I happily retired from my former career and opened my own health practice in 2007. I would go on to become a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2013 and then later a Certified Tarot Reader, Certified Akashic Records Reader, and online psychic/intuitive consultant.


My journey in finding myself has been long to get to this point and I’ve certainly had my ups and downs. And my journey is not over! But I wake up each morning feeling truly alive inside and in awe of knowing I am fulfilling my destiny and my mission here on Earth. Through the work that I do, I am blessed to assist my fellow human beings in helping them feel grounded and centered, heal their hearts, nourish their souls and feel more peace in their lives.


It is my hope and prayer that my story has inspired you and the message that I would like to convey is that no matter what your age, you are never too old and it is never too late to discover the true meaning of why you are here.


God bless you on your journey in discovering the beautiful YOU that YOU are! Discover the healing powers of Reiki so that you can achieve optimum health and happiness.


Love & Light,



Hi, my name is Devada. I am a Starseed and Lightworker. But I didn’t always know that. Growing up, I for sure felt different, not at all fitting in with my dysfunctional family. I was (and still am!) a loner and an introvert. For this reason, it took me awhile to find my calling in life, but find it I did and I’m so glad to share my life story with you.


From an early age, I had a keen interest in the paranormal and anything other worldly. While other young pubescent girls were reading romance novels, my nose was buried in sci-fi books and at other times my head was looking up into the night sky wondering which planet I originated from. I felt like a very old soul in a youthful Earthly body.


I was not deeply religious growing up, but I did have a strong feeling that we human beings came from somewhere else--somewhere out there in the cosmos--and that we are all here on a mission. It would take me many more years and half my life to figure out just exactly what that mission was for me.


Connecting with the other side is fairly commonplace with me. I received my first visitation from an angel when I was 16 years old. She was veiled in white garb and stood at the foot of my bed. Oddly enough, I was not scared. Even though there were no words spoken, I felt her kind and loving presence surely meant something. In later years, I would look back on this moment as my first awakening into all things metaphysical. I would also have other incredible angelic visitations throughout my lifetime.

In time, I would come to know about and learn extensively about astrology, biorhythms, and numerology. For as long as I can remember, I see repeating numbers occurring almost daily, namely 11:11, 222, 333, 444 and other such patterns. In fact, I see numbers and geometry everywhere. I would not come to understand the meaning of those angelic numbers until much later when the invention of the Internet arrived in the late 1990’s and I was able to Google such weird stuff. And I was relieved to know I was not alone!


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