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Divine Reiki Healer

Distance Energy Therapies and Intuitive Readings

About Me

The year 2020 was a transformative one for me, as I'm sure it was for many people. My business as a Massage Therapist went completely on hold for three lockdowns totaling eight months. During this time, people now more than ever were forced to seek online therapeutic services to help them.

This catapulted my work as an Energy Therapist and, more specifically, to Distance Healing! What the pandemic created, you see, was a shift in mindset of people to be more open and seek alternative therapies that didn't involve physical touch.

Devada Rammell

 "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration."
                                           - Nicola Tesla

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Distance Reiki Healing

Are you stressed? Feeling emotionally exhausted? Are you living with long-term trauma? Has loss and grief impacted your life? Is your energy depleted?

Reiki energy healing can help balance and support your nervous system and restore your emotional well-being.

Intuitive Readings

Are you struggling with making important decisions about your personal relationships or career?  Life can sometimes be overwhelming and stifles our ability to make wise choices. If you have burning questions and are unsure of what you should do, an Intuitive Reading can provide you with guidance and peace of mind.


Had an hour Reiki Session with Devada that was amazing.  Devada also uses tools for chakra evaluation and sound therapy.  As I relaxed,  I could feel a wonderful feeling of warmth and expansiveness.  I didn't tell her about my leg pain [before the session] and after I got off the table, I no longer had ANY pain.  My circulation had been restored.  I promised myself to come back.

Sue H.

Had my second session with Devada and I am so pleased with her passion for helping clients feel better.  I have had many past experiences which were all great but I must say Devada is absolutely excellent in her professional and caring nature.  I highly recommend her and will return to her for future wellness sessions.  I feel great!

Connie S.

Devada's therapies have reduced my stress during this challenging time, boosting me both physically and psychologically. Her protocols for COVID protection are impeccable. Her room is lovely and inviting. My life is enriched by this special healer.

Arlie Z.

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